The perspective of the other

After finishing school I spent a year in England and gained initial insights in intercultural misunderstandings. Later, as an Expat in Spain I did extensive field research on the subjects intercultural aspects and experience abroad. And I never met just one culture, but many different ones which were – simultaneously and in the same place – very different from each other. In Barcelona I lived not only in a Catalan and a Spanish, but also in an Latin-American culture, in Pamplona I found out that you can be at the same time Basque and Navarre and very conservative, only not in the political sense. Finally, in Tenerife, I saw how the close connection between the Canary Islands and Latin-America, especially Venezuela, had put a soft focus filter on the people and their language (with very endearing results). Finally, I myself had to reflect constantly on my role as “the German” and on the expectation my nationality and my appearance raised in others.

All this I have interwoven with my profession and my professional practice and when by chance I heard about the certificate “intercultural coach” in the summer of 2012, it seemed to be the logical continuation of a journey that I had started more than 30 years ago.

In August 2013, I received the Intercultural Coach Certificate (ECA) from interculture – systemic constructivist approach – and in September 2015 the Intercultural Trainer Certificate. I am training and coaching in my three working languages German, English, and Spanish.

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